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Summer Camps

and Family Language Fun

A world away from the same old package holiday

You may not know that The Language Gap has a huge choice of summer language camps and family language learning experiences on offer. We don’t just pick them out of the air, however. As with all Language Gaps, we get to know you and choose the ideal trip to suit your budget, availability, interests and personality.

Here are a few to get you excited about the huge range of activities and combinations available on our doorstep:

1. Spanish Language and activity camps for ages 14-18
The Spanish are pass masters at the summer activity camp, and there are almost too many to choose from. Many camps are multinational, and some boast up to 60% Spanish speaking campers for real integration and the opportunity to meet and make friends with the locals. Spanish language classes taught by qualified and experienced native speakers are usually in the mornings and then complemented by a wealth of activities to suit your tastes in the afternoon and evenings. In coastal destinations, you can take watersports lessons (surf, dinghy sailing, windsurfing, SUP, SCUBA diving etc). If you prefer to stay inland, you can join in with Adventure and Nature camps, go hiking or canoeing in the mountains, or improve your racket or football skills on a tennis or soccer camp. Accommodation can either be in host families who are used to having young people staying from overseas, or in residence accommodation with 24/7 supervision from qualified and experienced camp workers. Prices start at €850 per week, full board, all inclusive of activities, instruction and equipment (flights not included).

2. French + name your activity! (ages 13-18)
There are some phenomenal and inventive offerings in France: you can horse ride, sail aboard a yacht with French teenagers and skipper, take part in tennis tournaments and improve your instrumental skills with teachers from France’s finest music conservatoires during your summer holidays. Surf, watersports, outdoor adventures, and cookery, or perhaps a combination of all of these? It is actually difficult to choose! There is an opportunity to learn French in every corner of this rich and varied country; you can attend an art school in Paris, or live on a farm in the most rural place imaginable, all with expert tuition and support from experienced staff. You will, of course, be met at the airport, and you can choose to stay with a friendly and welcoming host family, or in a residence with other students from around the world. Prices start at €810 per week, full board, with all activities, instruction and equipment. (flights not included).

3. German summer activity camps in Austria & Germany (ages 13-18)
From a highly structured language learning camp to a homestay experience living with your teacher and their family, Germany is perhaps the best value place in Europe to learn a foreign language. You can take your pick from city based activity camps such as the ones based in the green heart of Berlin, staying in a university residence or with a local family, and combining your language studies with amazing activities such as urban arts, watersports, and local sightseeing tours with experienced and knowledgeable guides and teachers. You can also choose to be out in the beautiful German countryside in a residential summer school, horseriding, improving your football or tennis skills, hiking or practising creative arts. You’ll be with international students and taught by highly qualified native speakers, guaranteeing that you’ll both have fun and improve your language skills ready for the new school year.

4. Family language holidays
For children and families who want the best of both worlds, The Language Gap is really excited to have found find some fantastic options for learning a language and keeping the children entertained at the same time.
In France, you can spend time in beautiful cities on or near the coast such as Bordeaux, Nice, La Rochelle and Biarritz. Expert teachers and summer camps will make sure that your children are having a fantastic time and learning the language while you can relax, knowing that they are in good hands. You can then choose from a variety of activities from sailing and surfing to wine tasting and cookery workshops with expert instructors, small group French lessons, and local tours with knowledgeable guides. Prices for 5 days of activity club for ages 4-10 (10 am - 4 pm) with language and childcare experts start at €400.
In Spain, we have great contacts in all the major cities and towns (and a few villages too) who will welcome you and your family with open arms. You can learn Spanish and walk the Camino de Santiago or hike in the Picos de Europa along the stunning North coast. You can choose to practice water sports, tennis, cookery or explore the local sights and learn Spanish with or without the children. For something totally different, you can go for the immersion experience and stay in your teacher’s home, become part of the family and learn the language and culture from the inside. We have families in fabulous locations all over the country, including the islands, who would be delighted to have you and your family to stay. A week of full board accommodation in a family with 3 hours tailor made language lessons per day, workshops, outdoor and indoor activities for a family of 4 is €3200 (children under 3 go free!).
As English is so widely spoken in Germany, the best way to immerse the whole family in the language is to stay with a host family who know that you really want to learn the language. This is also a great way to see Austria and German speaking Switzerland. You’ll be welcomed and fall in love with these very overlooked tourist destinations. In the summer, the Black Forest is, for example, a really brilliant location with excellent tourist infrastructure. If you stay with your teacher, a family of 4 can expect to pay around €5000 for a week with 10 hours’ private tuition, full board and daily fun activities such as cooking, visiting the local market, bowling, outings to the swimming pool. A cheaper option is to get a cool apartment in a German city like Berlin with its fantastic parks, outdoor lifestyle in the summer, and fascinating history. You can then enrol at one of our brilliant partner language schools and take super cheap German lessons for you and the kids (€280 per month for 15 hours’ German a week!).

Every child and every family is different, and package holidays are certainly not for everyone. This is why we’re here! Just give The Language Gap a call, or drop us an email, and we’ll unpick your needs and budget to find the perfect trip to suit you.

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