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    Building the perfect Gap Year

  • The Perfect Gap Year

    Gap Years are an exciting chance to take a break from study, to travel the world, expand your CV, learn a language and experience the world of work. Schools, universities and parents have mixed feelings about students taking time out, and The Language Gap is here to prove that it’s time really well spent.


    It can all go to waste if you don’t have support, knowledge and careful planning. Explaining a hole in your CV where you didn’t really achieve anything or gain any real experience is tricky. It’s also a terrible waste of a one off experience. Sadly, too many gap years turn out this way.


    The Language Gap offers a unique service to help you get the most from your Gap Year, designing and creating an experience with your passions and desire to learn a language at its heart.

  • How it works

    In a free consultation, I get to know you and find out what you love. If you want to go ahead, I create a unique experience for you to live, learn, work and play in your chosen location abroad.


    I work with accredited language schools and local contacts to take the risk and uncertainty out of the planning process, ensuring that your Language Gap will be unlike any other.

  • What's the outcome?

    You’ll have an amazing time doing something valuable and fun in your chosen location.


    Future employers and universities will be impressed by the resourceful and inventive way you have maximised this brilliant opportunity. You’ll feel hugely accomplished at what you’ve achieved during your time away.


    At the end of the year, you return with a CV to die for, new friends, indelible memories, improved language skills and stories to envy, and an amazing Instagram feed.

  • How about a short visit?

    The Language Gap organises brilliant intensive language learning experiences abroad. You'll have an amazing time learning a language and enjoying yourself.

    Exam revision courses, homestays, summer camps: I'll find the right one for you.

  • About Emily Lusty

    I am a teacher of Spanish and French with an interest in all languages.


    I grew up in the UK, and have lived in Ecuador, Spain, the Cayman Islands and Australia. I have travelled in the Americas, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Australasia.


    My passion is bringing foreign language learning on location to everyone. I have been organising educational trips and tours for students for over 20 years.

  • Fees

    I charge an hourly fee, so the cost varies, depending on the complexity of the trip and the proposed itinerary.


    Following our initial meeting, I provide a detailed quote.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    In this blog post (much delayed due to surgery on a broken leg), I want to explore the reasons why teenagers may be reluctant to travel alone to improve language skills. I have taken hundreds of adolescents to France and Spain over the past 20 years, and in a school group, teenagers are usually...
    Learning a foreign language in a classroom is a strange concept, if you think about it. We expect babies and small children to assimilate language by some kind of miraculous process. We vaguely correct grammatical mistakes, or let them slide because they sound cute, or we’re in a hurry. Because...
    Native English speakers have an unusual relationship with foreign language learning. I am often regarded with a strange look, as if I had admitted to being involved in witchcraft or base jumping when people find out that I speak more than one language. Parents of pupils have frequently told me...
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