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Languages for Professional Development

Explore ways to give yourself the edge by spending time abroad

Here are some of our best picks for professional development programmes overseas, combining specialist language learning with contact with industry experts. Frequently, there is also the option to visit and work in local workplaces to put your new language skills into practice. All prices are approximate, subject to fluctuating exchange rates, and exclude travel costs and insurance.

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1 week language teaching workshops in Spain:
With 23 hours of professional training over 5 days, you will come back bursting with brilliant ideas for the language classroom. Taught by native Spanish speakers in the party city of Madrid, the course includes 3 cultural excursions and the opportunity to meet other cool people like you! This course is recommended for near fluent Spanish speakers, but if you need a boost to your language skills first, you can take an intensive language course in the same language school before the course begins.
A steal at only €195 (excluding accommodation).

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1 week language teaching training in Brittany, France:
Bring life back into your language teaching classroom with a week of workshops on a huge variety of topics such as Using Authentic Texts, the Evolution of French Society, Teaching Younger Learners, Games in the French Classroom, and many more, you will find this week eye opening and inspiring. There is funding available for EU citizens on this course, which includes 24 hours’ training, cultural excursions and the opportunity to mix with French Teachers from all over the world. It’s really good value at €440 (excluding accommodation).

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Become a sports instructor abroad:
If you are already practising a sport such as sailing, horse riding, kayak, skiing, climbing or surfing at competition level, you can go one step further and qualify as an instructor abroad. This may be an English speaking qualification such as the RYA sailing qualifications, or the British or Canadian ski instructor qualifications in a training centre abroad, such as France, Spain, Italy, or French speaking Canada. If you are already pretty fluent in your chosen language, or are willing to put in some real effort into your language learning, you can gain a local qualification in the language, such as the high level BPJEPS watersports qualification in France. This could be your first step to building a whole new life abroad.
Course prices and timescales vary from 3 months to several years of training. Prices are in line with other professional training and university courses.

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Take a specialist language course:
Many of our accredited partner schools run specialist language learning courses to prepare you for living and working abroad in your field such as medicine, law, fine art, science, architecture, music or business. For example, you can study:

  • Medical Spanish/French from €440 per week with accommodation
  • Spanish/French/German/Italian for law, including negotiating local legal jargon and variations for around €500 per week with accommodation.
  • Spanish for Tourism and Business: intensive course preparing you to do business in Spain (2 weeks from €1700 in Spanish Language Campus accommodation). Similar business courses are available to prepare you for German, French, Italian, Japanese & Mandarin business.
  • Specialist course in Sustainable development in France with French language module (3 weeks from €2100 half board in host family). 
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Train to be a sommelier (wine consultant) in Bordeaux:
If œnologie is your thing, look no further!
If you have an academic year free (September-June), and want to train in the heart of wine country to become an expert sommelier. You will gain an internationally recognised and French government accredited qualification. The cost is €6875 for 567 hours’ training in English with French wine language training included (excluding board/accommodation). If you are a fluent French speaker, you can also take the course in French.

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Become a Flamenco guitarist in Granada:
No matter what your current level of guitar, you can train with the professionals, stay in a host family or apartment, and immerse yourself in the magic of Granada in Andalusia. 1 week of lessons with half board starts at €380, and there are discounts for longer stays.

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Train at a martial arts Dojo in Japan:
You can immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of Japan, live in a home Dojo (Karate training centre), and master the ancient art of Karate in this extraordinary experience suitable for karate masters and beginners alike. From only €490 per week, full board, Japanese lessons can also be arranged.

What next?

These experiences and training courses (and many others) can all be arranged by The Language Gap. We will give you full support, preparing you for your trip and maintaining contact throughout, ensuring that it is just the right level for your needs.

If you feel it's time to give your career a kick start or make a change, just get in touch!